How Atheism Affects Your Marriage

What you believe boils down into one of two categories: either God created everything or everything spontaneously came into existence. Theism or atheism. Creation or evolution. Your choice of belief will impact your marriage, for better or for worse. Here is one of two posts examining this issue:

How Atheism Affects Your Marriage

If atheism is the true description of reality then it follows the below list of assumptions are true. These assumptions have a particular result on your marriage. Let’s take a look.


  • The beginning point is a state of absolute nothingness. Nil, null, nada, zilch.
  • Energy spontaneously came into existence. Something transcendentally vital from nothing. Beauty from ashes, no, from less than ashes; vibrancy from emptiness.
  • The forces and principles described by the scientific laws spontaneously came into existence and presumably locked into constancy. Information and order from nothing. Blueprints and force fields from a vacuum full of raw energy.
  • About ten dimensions spontaneously came into existence. The substructure appeared, ready to hold energy and mass.
  • Energy spontaneously organized into mass on an astonishingly enormous scale both creating protons and electrons and overcoming their repulsion to organize atoms, in effect packing together the energy of exploded nuclear bombs, which expanded eventually to become the universe we see.
  • The universe, galaxy, solar system, and Earth formed and cooled down.
  • When conditions were favorable atoms spontaneously organized and reorganized through many molecular forms, dramatically increasing information and drastically changing functions to develop all the forms of life we see.
  • Instinct spontaneously developed. An innate knowledge of what is beneficial to the life form.
  • Consciousness spontaneously developed. One life form ran on instinct and its progeny was aware it existed.
  • Emotion spontaneously developed. Love, sadness, happiness, contentment, desire.
  • Morality, ethics, and law spontaneously developed. Awareness suddenly developed into standards. Life changed from how things “are” into how things “should be”.

I think that about sums up the necessary assumptions. I call them assumptions for though we can describe the concepts there is no evidence any of it spontaneously occurred and most if not all of it violates the known scientific laws and research. Now the results:


  • No God equals no eternal responsibility for actions, therefore whatever a person wants to do is permissible. (Why is murder wrong?)
  • As the scientific laws, dimensions, energy, mass, life and consciousness were all spontaneous there is no basis to say one form of life, consciousness, morality, ethics or law is better than another, therefore whatever a person wants to do is permissible for all forms of life are at war with all the other forms. (Why is rape and cannibalism wrong?)
  • There is no goal or definite future offered by spontaneous existence. Future change and development happens by chance guided by favorable conditions. (Where are we going?)
  • Eventually the energy will run out and everything will die, or everything will spontaneously cease to exist, like one big cosmic bubble bursting into nothingness. (If that’s the end result why should I do anything I do not feel like doing?)

Atheism is devoid of purpose and standard. It has no basis to offer trust, dedication, friendship or love. A great marriage comes from the standard and purpose God has established, from truth, faith, hope, and love. Seek and ye shall find.


How Theism Affects Your Marriage

What you believe boils down into one of two categories: either God created everything or everything spontaneously came into existence. Theism or atheism. Creation or evolution. Your choice of belief will impact your marriage, for better or for worse. Here is one of two posts examining this issue:

How Theism Affects Your Marriage

The all-knowing, all-powerful and all-present Being, aka God, desired something a long time ago which motivated Him to come up with a plan. He executed the plan and thus we have the dimensions, energy, mass, the universe, galaxies, our solar system, Earth, plants, animals, and humans.

Some of His angels were not thrilled the future will involve this new “mankind” being raised above them. So they rebelled against God and the concept of sin became a practiced reality. They passed it to Eve, to Adam and we have the fallen nature to this day.

All-knowing God planned for this to happen and called Jesus the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world“, meaning before creating the world God planned to have to woo us and purify us from sin with His offer of salvation and grace through Jesus’ death and resurrection to get us on to building character. And He gave us marriage as the training ground to build character.

Genesis 2:23-25 records God’s establishment of perfect marriage, Ephesians 5:31-32 identifies marriage as an analogy between Jesus Christ and the Church, and Revelation 19:7-9, a glimpse of the future, rejoices that the marriage of the Lamb (Jesus) has come.

How does this affect your marriage?

First it means there is a God you are answerable to. He has given you the Bible to help you understand who He is, who you are, how He wants you to relate to Him, and how He wants you to live.

Second it means other people are answerable to God. You are a child of God; your spouse is a child of God. How then shall you treat other people, and especially your spouse?

One day you will stand before God and hear Him ask, “How did you treat My child, your spouse?” He will open the books and read your deeds. Make your deeds good so He will say, “Well done, My good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord.”

Third it means your marriage with your spouse is practice for marriage with Jesus. How then shall you live? Focus on making your character like His. You have a spouse to practice on. Get to it!

Theism affects your marriage by providing a standard and goal. A very high standard, and an astonishing goal. Theism provides the basis for logic, law, ethics, and morals, for theism saying there is One higher than us Who created everything with a purpose and plan to Whom I must answer.