God’s Desire

What desire motivated God to make us? What type of relationship does God want with us? What does the analogy of marriage tell us? The following is an imaginative history of the origin of mankind looking back beyond creation at the inception and development of the idea of mankind. Suspend your disbelief of the physical details and listen to the emotional and conceptual content:

The Palace

In the Kingdom of Heaven the Almighty’s palace is breathtakingly glorious, lit from within by His radiant glory. At a glance it inspires reverential awe and brings peace and joy to all as it proclaims “The Almighty reigns!”

Within the heart of the palace there is a room. It is the private dining room and evening room of the Almighty, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. The room is furnished with a banqueting table holding memories of countless joyous intimate dinners, and several stately but comfortable chairs gathered around a magnificent fireplace holding even more memories of relaxed and contentedly peaceful evenings. The room is decorated in a manner befitting the Almighty, with pictures and tapestries of astonishing beauty conveying the character of the Almighty as evidenced by aspects of His Kingdom.

It is evening, and dinner comes to an end, a progression of delicious courses shared with the company and fellowship of several members of the High Counsel, a few affairs of state naturally mixed in with pleasant stories of life in the Kingdom.

The fellowship moves to gather around the fire and shares gentle and peaceful conversation, focusing mostly on humorous anecdotes. The angels attend to the Hosts’ and guests’ desires for the evening pleasures of snacks, sweets, and drinks to put the final touches on the fading memory of a great dinner.

At the proper time the guests depart and after fond good-evening’s the Almighty, Jesus, and Holy Spirit pull their favorite chairs closer to the fireplace.


Gazing into the fire, the only light in the room, the Three having dimmed their radiant glory and wrapped darkness like a cloak about the room to enjoy the fire, the work of the day at abeyance and the angels following the orders to maintain the Kingdom for His glory and the shepherding of all under His domain, the thoughts of the Three-In-One turned as one to the desire long held.

Gabriel stood in his place beside the fireplace ready to serve, watching the reflection of the fire in the Almighty’s eyes.

A deep sigh simultaneously rose from the Three, reflecting a deep-felt longing.

For years now this was the scene that repeated night after night as Gabriel stood and served in holy fear, in awe that the Almighty, who is self-sufficient, who ruled the Kingdom in glory, could desire something more.

Gabriel had long ago ceased asking what he, high ranked among angels, could do to fulfill the One’s desire, for the answer was always the same, “Nothing, My faithful one, nothing.” Gabriel shared helpless looks with his fellow servants, stationed by the door and ready to obey the slightest signal to please the Three. Thus the anguished longing of the Almighty remained un-named, and evidenced only by this nightly ritual of gazing deep into the fire and sighing.

Tonight brought a new development.

Tears and Words

Almighty, Jesus, and Holy Spirit each began to softly cry. Gabriel watched in anguished helplessness as solitary tears that dripped down their faces turned into rivers and the silence of the crackling fire was joined with sobs as the Three began looking into each others’ eyes with intense meaning. The tears of the Three sent wave after wave of quietly intense emotion rolling through the room and Gabriel shed tears of helpless sympathy as he was impacted again and again with the pulsating power of the raw emotion of the Three.

The Almighty croaked through the sobs, “Say it.”

They sat up, closed their eyes and through the tears and taught throats simultaneously spoke their desire, “I want …” but Gabriel heard Almighty say, “a child,” Jesus say, “a bride,” and Holy Spirit say, “a friend,” all at the same time. At the moment the words were spoken a surge of power rippled through the room and Gabriel’s tears gushed forth into a river and his heart felt like it was in his throat. Gabriel spared a glance for his fellow servants by the doorway as he saw them fall to the floor, overwhelmed by the power and worshiping prostrated on the floor in response to this holy desire evidenced in emotive power, creating their own pools of tears, sacrifices poured out to the Three.

Gabriel’s mind began to race even as the Three sat back and let the spoken desire resonate through their Being. A child? A bride? A friend? What are these words, what do they mean?

Holy Spirit looked over at Gabriel with a knowing smile through the tears and said, “In due time, My helper, in due time.”

This new development helped Gabriel understand the Three are working on something. This longing desire is building up for a purpose and building toward an action.

Gabriel gave a sympathetic smile and nodded, with new hope that in time a change would be made and the sorrow of longing would transform to the joy of fulfillment.


Over the next few years the evenings by the fire became the high point of Gabriel’s day as he witnessed the raw emotion of the Three’s desire for “child, bride, friend” expressed, discussed, planned, enjoyed, and anticipated. In response to the power resonating from the spoken word of the Three at times Gabriel and his fellow servants cried, wept, wailed, giggled, chuckled, laughed, fell on their faces, and sometimes did several at once! Gabriel understood all this time and energy were part of something incredibly important, something astonishingly central to the identity of the Three-In-One, yet until now completely unknown to the Kingdom.

Gabriel often caught himself thinking about how amazing this development was and will be, and how no one in the Kingdom has any concept of what it is, what it means. And equally often one of the Three would catch his eye during these thoughts and while smiling say something to the effect of, “Yes, amazing, pure joy, some intense sorrow, but well worth it. In due time.”

He always foretold joy, sorrow, and immense value. Of course He would plan something of joy and immense value, but sorrow? That is enigmatic.


As the years passed Gabriel’s inquiries continued to receive the response, “In due time,” and he soaked in the revelation of the value of savoring the idea, of examining the desire to its utmost and planning the fulfillment down to the most minute detail. The Three were taking this desire very seriously and proceeding by planning the fulfillment very meticulously.

As years became centuries, and centuries became millennia, the entire Kingdom gradually became aware the Three were planning something amazing. Between the emotive power radiating from the Palace each evening, the fragmentary snippets Gabriel and the few other close observers were able to give and the way the Three were behaving, never neglecting the Kingdom but ruling with a different look in the eye and tone in the voice everyone knew something amazing and unprecedented would be happening. And to answer everyone’s question of “When?” the enigmatic reply was always, “In due time,” or “Soon.”


In the atmosphere of excited anticipation when everyone in the Kingdom daily spoke in wonder of what it must be and their longing for the Almighty to reveal His plan, Gabriel stood in surprise one evening by the fire as he sensed the mood was different. The Three sat in satisfied silence, staring into the fire, occasionally looking happily at each other and sighing contentedly. The power that rolled from those sighs was immense. It contained aspects of joy, hope, peace, and paradoxically a hint of sorrow. Gabriel and his fellow servants felt their knees weaken as each sigh impacted their hearts.

Gabriel was set on edge. Several millennia of planning and now joyous, anticipatory silence. Which is worse, watching unfulfilled longing that feels like it will implode your heart or this confined joy that might explode?

The Almighty looked at Gabriel and said, “It is time. We have made our plans and it is good. Not easy, but good, very good.” Gabriel stood a little straighter, keyed up even more at those words – it is time! And He was speaking again, “Tomorrow I will convene the High Counsel and explain what is to be done. Please send the summons tonight.”

Strengthened by the order, Gabriel replied with a huge grin and reverent bow, knowing the High Counsel only met to discuss, plan, and implement changes which signaled the end of an age and the beginning of the next. The changes always transformed the Kingdom from glory to yet higher previously unknown glory.

The Plan Revealed

The High Council joyously convened at the Almighty’s request, eager to hear His words.

The High Counsel met every day for ten thousand years. For the first thousand years the Almighty described to the High Counsel His desire for a “child.” For the next thousand years they listened to Jesus describe His desire for a “bride.” For the next thousand years they listened to Holy Spirit describe His desire for a “friend.” For the next five thousand years they listened to the Three describe their astonishing plan to create and train this complex personage who would be in one “child, bride, and friend” to be raised up as co-ruler of the Kingdom. And the Three took a final thousand years to describe the context in which this complex being destined for royalty would be created and trained, not within the Kingdom but within another set of dimensions, connected yet separate. The High Counsel listened with rapt attention to the challenging and at times outrageous images, puzzles, plans, enigmas, and paradoxes set before them.

The Response

When the Three finished the High Counsel bowed in worship, adoring the Three, paying homage to His wisdom, and reveling in anticipation of glories yet to be revealed.

But there was one member of the Counsel who did not like the plan of a new being created to be raised up to co-rule the Kingdom. The thought, “How could anyone be equal with the Three?” led to, “How could anyone be equal with the High Counsel?” which led to, “How could anyone be raised up over the High Counsel?” which resulted in, “How could anyone be raised up over me?” The seeds of rebellion sprouted.

Gabriel’s Struggle

That night by the fireplace Gabriel watched the Three and felt puzzled by the looks and expressions of sorrow and finally the statement, “His heart is not with us.” Not with us? Who? Who would have the audacity to not approve of the Three’s plan? Who would object?

Some time later after certain events had transpired, Gabriel sat in his quarters, emotionally wrestling with himself. What is this emotion? It says something is very wrong and must be resisted, repelled, fought and vanquished.

“Anger. It is called anger.” Gabriel shot to his feet as he realized Holy Spirit was in the room and speaking to him.

“Please, my faithful steward, sit.” Holy Spirit gestured Gabriel back down and sat in the other chair.

“Anger. I feel so strange. Like I want to push away part of me.” Gabriel confessed. “How could Lucifer? It all happened so fast. He has been the one leading the Kingdom in worshiping Almighty, Jesus, and you for millennia. So quickly he whispered his viewpoint into so many. And now they have the Almighty’s pronouncement to be locked away into eternal ‘torment and suffering.’ New words, strange words. My fellow servants, now … not. What are they?”

“They are now enemies, those who seek our harm rather than our good,” said Holy Spirit. “They are destined for eternal separation from the Kingdom.”

“Enemies; harm-seekers. Eternal separation.” Gabriel struggled with the concepts as no one had known such a thing could happen. The Kingdom had always contained everything, and the Three had always ruled everything and everyone, and everyone had always loved the Three. “Is there not a way to un-do it and make things how they were?”

“No, my faithful steward, Lucifer and the others made a decision that cannot be undone.” The look in Holy Spirit’s eyes with these words prompted Gabriel to the next horrifying question.

“Will this affect the plan for the child, bride, and friend?”

Holy Spirit smiled a sad smile and said, “It will affect the plan to an extent, with much sorrow, but it will not prevent our desire from being fulfilled. When we made this plan we knew Lucifer would do this, with many following, and incorporated the effect into the plan.” Holy Spirit grew very serious and with a determined voice repeated, “Nothing will prevent Our desire from being fulfilled. Nothing!”

Gabriel shuddered at the look in Holy Spirit’s eyes and the power that radiated at those words, and thought about this new era unfolding. A new Being announced, a new set of dimensions to be the context for the creation and training of that being, a member of the High Counsel rejecting the plan with many followers, the Three pronouncing on those whom rejected His plan eternal suffering in separation from the Kingdom, and a future with sorrow and joy, astonishing loss and barely understandable gain, with levels of unknown glory yet to come. Who would this Being be that the Three would knowingly plan to lose so many angels? What will this new co-ruler bring to the Kingdom that will be better than what we had?

Thus the creation of this universe, the Earth, and mankind. Thus Jesus came to extend the invitation of love from the Father. Thus the Bible. Thus the battle going on in your soul, for your soul, to determine your eternity, either life with Jesus ruling the Kingdom of God, or death with Lucifer now called Satan, suffering eternal torment in the lake of fire. God says, “I set before you life and death. Choose life that you might live.” Jesus is the way, the truth, the life, no one comes to the Father but through Him. Choose life, choose Jesus. Reject sin and invite Jesus to be Lord of your life, the only salvation for your soul, and let Him work in you, working His character and glory in you that on your final day you will hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful friend. Come share My joy.” I will be there, will you?

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