I am driven by the desire to benefit your marriage.

I have high ethical values coupled with an internal burning to take ownership and daily execute tasks contributing to projects worth doing, preferably with genuine friends to build communities and connect the world because we are all connected and everything happens for a reason. (my Strengths Finder 2.0 top five strengths are: Achiever, Belief, Connectedness, Relator, and Responsibility)

I draw from decades of reading, journaling, writing, discussion, prayer, devotion to Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, and observing people in various settings including church, schools, seminars, workshops, clubs, national and international travel, and a wide variety of workplaces and business models where I have rubbed elbows with many layers of society from high school students to construction workers to vendors to professionals to consultants, to VP’s, President’s, and CEO’s.

I am a devoted husband. Marriage is one of the most life-impacting relationships we can have so I have invested significant amounts of energy into mine. An important concept I grasped early on is marriage does not begin when you meet your spouse, it begins when a person is young and realizes they will get married some day.

My devotion began in the sixth grade when I realized there was a girl out there for me and I would wait for her, so I did. As a result, in my mid-30’s I have been devoted to one woman, my wife, for over 20 years.

The most perceptive man I have ever known and who knew me very well said I am “blessed with one of the best marriages in the world.”

I am a father of two amazing kids who continually earn us compliments (discipline works!).

My goal is to benefit your marriage and thereby society and the world.

Improving your marriage is like developing the right lifestyle of diet and exercise, it’s challenging and worth the effort! Comedian Brad Stein said, “The truth hurts, that’s how you know it’s the truth!”

Let’s begin.


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Jason, I am honored that you are following my blog. Your insights and passion about marriage are impressive and show me that you are following your purpose. Thanks for the visit, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.


    • Hello Nancy, Thank you for your kind words, it has been a long road getting here. Now I am able to share wisdom, meaning give what I have and receive what other’s have, to the benefit of all of us! Jason

  2. Hi Jason, thanks for visiting my page. Seems like I’m hooked with your posts and the upcoming ones 🙂 so I subscribed! I just got married and really appreciates your blog. God bless 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I praise God what He has worked in my heart can help other people. Congratulations on just getting married! The adventure intensifies! My experience is when husband and wife work as a team to do what the Bible says and seek to know God (the greatest adventure in life!) every year will get better and better! Most problems marriage books talk about are either avoided entirely or quickly fade away if husband and wife will do just that. In my post “Three Components of a Great Marriage” I list my favorite marriage books that give great tools to help husband and wife communicate and unify. God bless!

  3. Jason, I appreciate you taking the time to go to my blog, but I am more thankful that you are a devoted husband and dad. Boy, don’t we need more of those in this world? I, too, am an old-school “Promise Keeper.” It’s till death do we part.

    God bless you, brother.

    • You’re welcome! I agree, we need more devoted husbands and dad’s! Now if we can just communicate to more young people that it is not only till death do we part but also love and devotion start long before you ever meet your spouse! ~Grace and peace from Father God; JM

  4. Jason, Thanks for following my website. I have now linked your site to my website as one of my neighbors under the Marriage category. Feel free to drop by again any time for a visit. New articles are added on a regular basis.

  5. Jason I am thrilled that you checked out my blog, and that I now can peruse yours. I love what you are writing about and why … such an honorable subject to uplift people in. May God continue to give you the words of wisdom to share.

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