How to be Married 60 Years and Counting

I like happy old people who have been married their whole life to the same person. This is increasingly becoming a real accomplishment.

I know a couple who spoke their wedding vows over sixty years ago. Here is his advice on how to achieve this outstanding accomplishment:

  1. Say, “I love you” regularly with meaning!
  2. Respect each other.
  3. Be affectionate with each other.
  4. Do not take your spouse for granted.

So simple, so effective.

Here are a few reflections on these tips.

1. Use your words. It is not enough to say “I love you” at the wedding and think that will suffice for all time. Both husband and wife need to meaningfully say these three words to each other, daily if possible. And it is possible.

2. Use your actions. Respect each other. This translates into honor, courtesy, looking out for their interests, and behaving in such a way that they are confident you will always care for them.

3. Use your hands. Affection is the atmosphere where events of love happen. Be physical with each other! Not to the point people tell you to get a room, that’s what home and special getaways are for. Play nice and be appropriate, but be clear at home and in public that you like each other! Broadcast to your spouse and all those watching that you two are an item!

4. Use your mind. Keep the mindset that each day is new. Do not take each other for granted. Appreciate your spouse. Be thankful for the things your spouse does for you and for your marriage.

5. Use your spirit. Something my friend did not talk about but displays in his life is the unity of spirit he has with his wife. To go the distance you must believe in the same God and agree what that looks like in your life.

You can do it! Follow these simple guidelines and in a few decades you too can look back sixty plus years to your wedding.